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Planning to send your children overseas might initially evoke stress, but rest assured!

With our invaluable guidance and counsel, parents can decisively navigate this transformative choice and unlock a realm of opportunities for their children!

Parents harbor dreams and ambitions for their children's futures, striving for their happiness, well-being, and success. This frequently entails sacrifices, diligent efforts, and tough decisions to furnish their children with optimal prospects. Numerous parents opt for the courageous step of sending their children overseas, aiming to offer them exposure to a global stage and unparalleled opportunities.

Pre-departure Preparation

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  • Know your child’s MotivationKnow your child’s Motivation
  • Stay UpdatedStay Updated
  • Get Personalized CounsellingGet Personalized Counselling
  • Know pre-requisitesKnow pre-requisites
  • Financial PlanningFinancial Planning
  • Know pre-requisitesKnow pre-requisites
  • Application Preparation and SubmissionApplication Preparation and Submission
  • Visa Application and DocumentationVisa Application and Documentation
  • Pre-departure PreparationPre-departure Preparation
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