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UK Graduate Route visa: How will it impact Indian students?

UK Graduate Route visa: How will it impact Indian students?


The UK Graduate Route visa, introduced in July 2021, has become a significant talking point among international students, particularly from India. This visa offers a unique opportunity for graduates from UK universities to stay and work in the country for up to two or three years for doctoral graduates.

Understanding the nuances of this visa is essential for Indian students planning their higher education and career in the UK. This article delves into the importance of the Graduate Route visa for Indian students, its benefits, eligibility criteria, and the possibilities it unlocks post-graduation.

Why is this visa important for Indian students?

For Indian students, the UK has long been a preferred destination for higher education due to its world-class universities and vibrant multiculturalism but the path from education to employment has always been challenging due to visas because of strict rules. Graduate pathway visas change this situation dramatically. Here’s why it matters:

1. Long-term residency and employment opportunities:

This visa allows graduates to stay in the UK for two to three years after their studies, giving them plenty of time to gain valuable work experience.

2. Simplified Process:

Unlike previous visa options, the Graduate Route Visa does not require a job placement or a sponsoring employer, making it easy to obtain.

3. Improved job prospects:

Work experience in the UK enables Indian students to enhance their resume, making them more competitive in the global job market.

4. How to stay:

The experience gained through this visa can be a stepping stone to other longer-term visas or rehabilitation options in the UK

What is a Graduate Route visa?

The Graduate Pathway Visa is a post-study work visa introduced by the UK government. It allows international students who have completed a degree at a UK university to stay and work or seek employment, in any skill, for up to two years (three years for PhD graduates).

Key Features of the Graduate Route Visa:

  • Duration: Two years for bachelor's or master's degree holders, three years for doctoral graduates.
  • Employment flexibility: Visa holders can work full-time, part-time, or self-employed without restrictions.
  • No Sponsorship Required: Unlike other work visas, employer sponsorship is not required.
  • Study options: Graduates can also pursue further studies while on this visa.

  • What can you do after your Graduate Visa?

    The possibilities are greater when you get a post-graduate visa. Here are some ways you can check:

  • Get work experience: Work in your studies or explore different industries to broaden your skills.
  • Business: Take advantage of the flexibility offered by this visa to start your own business or become a freelancer.
  • Further study: Enroll in other courses or degrees to further enhance your qualifications.
  • Conversion to skilled worker visa: Once you find a job that meets your needs, you can convert to a skilled worker visa, allowing you to stay longer.
  • Global opportunities: The experience and contacts gained during this time can open doors to career opportunities in other countries.

  • Eligibility for Graduate Immigration Route in the UK?

    Applicants must meet the following criteria for the Graduate Visa.

  • Completed degree: Complete an eligible course at a UK university offering a proven track record of compliance.
  • Valid Student Visa: Hold a valid student visa at the time of application.
  • Coming to the UK: You must have studied in the UK for at least 12 months if the duration of the course is 12 months or if the course is short.
  • Application deadline: Apply before your current student visa expires.

  • Students, providing academic success and career success. By understanding its benefits and taking advantage of the opportunities it presents, Indian graduates can significantly enhance their careers both in the UK and globally. This visa not only confirms the UK’s says to attracting global talent but also that the UK is the force of as a destination for higher education.

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  • FAQs

    Your Questions Answered

    faq - UK Graduate Route visa
    • Q1. Can I extend the Graduate Route visa?

      No, the Graduate Route visa is not extendable. However, you can switch to other visas such as the Skilled Worker visa if you meet the requirements.

    • Q2: Can dependents apply under the Graduate Route?

      Yes, dependents who are already in the UK as your dependents can apply to extend their stay.

    • Q3: Does the Graduate Route visa count towards settlement?

      Time spent on the Graduate Route visa does not directly count towards the five-year settlement requirement, but it provides an opportunity to switch to other visas that do.

    • Q4: What are the financial requirements for the Graduate Route visa?

      There are no additional financial requirements beyond the standard application fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

    • Q5: Can I study on the Graduate Route visa?

      Yes, you can study, but not at an institution that requires a Student sponsor license.

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