Why Innvictis Edutech

Why Innvictis Edutech?

  • Expert/ Personalized Guidance: The company is founded and headed by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the International Arena and have travelled to most countries being represented by us. Our team of experts use in-house built career counselling tools for helping and guiding the student in choosing the right degree and the best college. We treat each student as special and provide personalised guidance.
  • End to End Performance and Services: In addition to identifying schools or colleges and applying to them, we offer other services which are essential for the students. These include filling application, scholarships & bursaries. visa assistance, travel assistance to post-joining formalities and requirements.
  • MBBS & NON MBBS Universities: We are one of the only companies offering Universities and courses related to Medical – MBBS, BDS, MBBS, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy etc to Non-Medical – Engineering (all streams including Aviation, IT, Design, Computers etc), Business, Fashion Designing, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
  • Plenty of choices for students: We have built a comprehensive partnership with University Network across the globe covering – USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, France, Russia, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and many more. Students can choose from over 800 institutions in over 35 countries including the top-rated universities worldwide.
  • Professional Coaching: We offer coaching to students for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT etc, depending on the requirements of the college, course and the country. Our training programmes are customized for Indian students and we support them with the latest and quality reading material.
  • 24X7 Support Service: We are available 24 x7 for all our students. We are just a call / whatsapp away and are always available to clear doubts of students and parents even after the college joining process is completed. We regularly organize seminars, talks, conferences and workshops to spread knowledge and awareness.
  • Resolve Parents concern: The founders of the company being parents themselves having children studying abroad, well know the anxiety and concerns of parents. Hence, we guide parents to resolve their concerns regarding the location, safety, availability of food and other essential items for their children in the foreign land and keep in touch with them.
About Us
About Us